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Campaign platform

The use of Twitter platform can help reach to wider audiences, with aiming to increase awareness of the campaign and information about the project.


Data collection

Access through Twitter API by the researcher and scientist, this method helps us to aggregate Tweets that complain about mobile services as well as the (geo)location of the problematic area.


Data analytics & visualisaiton

Under construction



Under construction

Since the campaign starts on 19/08/2019, we have been reaching more than 350,000 impressions and more than 500 Tweets that complained about the problem of mobile signal with geotagging the places. Don't forget to put #NoServiceHere as well.


Come join this campaign and help us reach more British people by retweet and follow our Twitter account here.

The project uses #NoServiceHere and @NoServiceHere and other keywords such as "poor",  "slow", "bad", "signal", "mobile", "phone", "connect", "issue", "problem", "down", etc. The keywords represent as identifiers of mobile signal complaints and are used for Tweet extraction through the Twitter API.