Mapping Consumer Sentiment Towards Wireless Services using Geospatial Twitter Data

Hyper-dense wireless network deployment is one of the popular solutions to meeting high capacity requirement for 5G delivery. However, current operator understanding of consumer satisfaction comes from call centres and base station quality-of-service (QoS) reports with poor geographic accuracy. The dramatic increase in geo-tagged social media posts adds a new potential to understand consumer satisfaction towards target-specific quality-of-experience (QoE) topics. In our paper, we focus on evaluating users’ opinion on wireless service-related topics by applying natural language processing (NLP) to geo-tagged Twitter data. Current generalised sentiment detection methods with generalised NLP corpora are not topic specific. Here, we develop a novel wireless service topic-specific sentiment framework, yielding higher targeting accuracy than generalised NLP frameworks.

To do so, we first annotate a new sentiment corpus called SignalSentiWord (SSW) and compare its performance with two other popular corpus libraries, AFINN and SentiWordNet. We then apply three established machine learning methods, namely: Naove Bayes (NB), Support Vector Machine (SVM), and Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) to build our topic-specific sentiment classifier. Furthermore, we discuss the capability of SSW to filter noisy and high-frequency irrelevant words to improve the performance of machine learning algorithms. Finally, the real-world testing results show that our proposed SSW improves the performance of NLP significantly.


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