4 Easy steps to add your location to a Tweet

Geotagging is the process of attaching location information from the global positioning system (GPS) in the form of geographical metadata to digital media like websites, videos, and photographs. Geo-tags may also be applied to digital output and communications such as tweets or status updates on social media.

For NoServiceHere UK, we want to encourage Twitter users to share the location to help the government and organisations in mapping and understanding the issue of the mobile service. This will support the future service coverage to the poor service spots (black spots). 1. In the profile or feed page, press the Tweet icon at the bottom right of your mobile screen.

2. In Tweet page, press the location icon (the right-most) at the icon bar

3. Choose your location (this maybe automatically selected in case you already enable precise location in your Twitter settings) and Tweet your complaint about mobile service in your area.

4. Don't forget to include #NoServiceHere or @NoServiceHere in your tweet!!

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