Who are we?

We are a UK government-funded joint industry-academia research project, aimed at mapping and improving mobile connectivity and wireless services. The project also aims to leverage on increasing proliferation of online social media information and recent advances in machine learning to add intelligence to understanding consumer experience of the wireless network service provisioning.

Wireless and mobile connectivities are critical infrastructures and a cornerstone of the digital economy. Whilst traffic hotspots are increasingly better understood, service blackspots (e.g. poor service) is often hidden and lead to severe consumer dissatisfaction and digital economy outage. This has the clear industrial goal of improving the market competitiveness of the UK commercial partner by providing data to enhance the existing mobile service (e.g. 3G, 4G) and, eventually, guide 5G rollout, as well as translating academic research knowledge into industrial practice and expanding its impact on our economy, knowledge, and society.


Our project pioneers a new approach to help solve the problem of the area which prone to encounter difficulty with mobile network connectivity. These areas can be either indoor or outdoor. We encourage people to take part by proactively Tweet issues they have and show us the location of the problem by turning on their geo-location or tagging the location where the problem occurred. Problems often occur that doesn’t allow you to Tweet, so do save your Tweet in cache or remember to Tweet once there is internet connection later. Learn more about the project phase and how are we processing the information here.


We hope over time, the valuable feedback you provide will make the UK a much better connected UK.

Our current projects
  • EC H2020 DAWN4IoE - Data Aware Wireless Network for Internet-of-Everything (778305) €1.1m 2017-21

  • InnovateUK (Ranplan) ODIN - Online Data Integrated Network (KTP10734) £199k 2018-20

  • InnovateUK (Geospatial Commission)  COCKPIT 5G - Crowd Blackspot Intelligence for 5G Rollout (29634)  £210k 2019-20

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